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Min Xiao-Fen + Mao, Monk and Me -WALLETMin Xiao-Fen solo”Mao, Monk and Me”  CD Release Concert

In celebration of the 100th birthday of Thelonious Monk

Friday, 10/6/2017 at 8 pm

Museum of Chinese in America (215 Center Street, New York)

Min Xiao-Fen, pipa, ruan, sanxian, cymbals and voice

Born in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Min Xiao-Fen interweaves Chinese folk music, regional operas and Taoist music with the sounds of John Cage, jazz and blues. Her works transcend borders with their own brand of cutting-edge fusion. Min’s latest solo set, “Mao, Monk and Me,” features her treatments of jazz standards by Thelonious Monk mixed with their historical Chinese counterparts. As a young girl coming of age during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), the reformed Beijing Operas and folk songs she heard from the many regions were dedicated to the workers and soldiers. After moving to the United States, she was inspired once again – this time by Thelonious Monk.


CD”Mao, Monk and Me” is available on CD Baby and amazon

“Min Xiao-Fen is a masterful interpreter of Monk. Unburdened by instrumental lineage or cultural signifiers, she is free to treat Monk the same way Monet did his waterlilies…You’ve never heard Monk like this.” – Andrey Henkin –The New York City Jazz Record.

MOCAMIX Mao Monk and Me w Min XiaofenNYCJR

Min/Wu/Xu’s new CD, “Five Elements” release concert , I will perform with my favorite musicians Wu Wei and Xu Fengxia.

Sunday, 10/15/ 2017 at 7:30pm, at Tian Jiao Arts Center in Beijing.

Thursday, 10/12/2017, Min/Wu/Xu, at Huang Lou Jazz club, Hung Zhou

Min Wu Xu 2JPGMin Wu Xu

Thelonious Monk at 100 – Min Xiao-Fen solo”Mao, Monk and Me” 

Friday, 10/20 at 7pm at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

the Met

Guest perform with maestro Karl Berger for CIO series

Saturday, 10/28/2017 & Saturday, 12/28/2017 at 8pm,  at ET Taller, 215 East 99th Street, NYC



Min Xiao-Fen’s Dim Sum CD

Min Xiao-Fen finger piano, sanxian, Nanying pipa, toy pipa, voice and electronicsDim Sum cd cover (new)
Satoshi Takeishi percussions and electronics


“Min Xiao-Fen, a master of the Chinese pipa, has also done extensive research into the links between her native musical traditions and jazz. She’s brought this to bear in her collaborations with pianist Randy Weston, and in her own work. Here, on her first release in 6 years, she plays with percussionist Satoshi Takeishi.”

–Larry Blumenfeld, Blu Notes

CD is available on Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and myiesstore



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