Asian Duo and Trio

Dim Sum (Min Xiao-Fen)

Born in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Min Xiao-Fen interweaves Chinese folk music, regional operas and Taoist music with the music of John Cage, jazz and blues. Her works transcend borders with their own brand of cutting-edge fusion. Min’s 2012 recording “Dim Sum”spotlights Min’s poise and melodic reach as a composer. Inspired by the quotidian street sounds that she had heard growing up as a child, this duet with percussion offers a sublime combination of delicate plucked sounds and sweet, eerie textures. Min describes it as “six musical dishes meant to touch the heart.”

“Dim Sum” was premiered December 15, 2012 at John Zorn’s The Stone in New York City.

Min Xiao-Fen, pipa, nanyin (Tang-style) pipa, electronic pipa, toy pipa and vocals; Satoshi Takeishi – percussion and electronics

Dim Sum cd cover (new)1, Rol-Mo Hunting, Taoist Spirit

2, Nanyin Pipa, Operas Murmuring

3, Lingering Lightening, Ghosts Chatting

4, Tang Song, Water Sounds

5, Toy Pipa, Sacred Dance

6, Rattling Damaru, Fire Ritual

“Dim Sum” CD is also available on: Amazon, ITunes, CD Baby and Innovation

“Dim Sum” is Min’s new CD in six years – thank to a generous grant from the Peter S. Reed foundation

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