Selected Pipa Concerto with Orchestra 

1, “Ping Pong”  (Anthony De Ritis)

2, “Concerto for String Orchestra and Pipa” (Tan Dun)

3, “Beijing Drum” (Zhou Long)

4, “Sudden Thunder” (Bun-Ching Lam)

5, “Plum Blossom” (Anthony De Ritis) for pipa and string Orchestra

6, “King Chu Doffs His Armor” (Zhou Long)

Selected Compositions – Pipa with Composers 

1, “Written on the Wind” (Huang Ruo) for pipa and vocals

2, “Shaolin Spirit” (John Zorn) for guitar and pipa

3, “The Shang” (Randy Weston &  Min Xiao -Fen) for piano and pipa

4, “Lake Biwa a Full Moon Pure Water Gold”  (Wadada Leo Smith) for solo pipa

5, “Ghost Stories” (Ned Rothenberg) for pipa, cello and percussion

6, “Ning” (Chen Yi) for violin, pipa and cello

7, “Ghost Opera” (Tan Dun) for pipa and string quartet

8, “Soul”  (Zhou Long) for pipa and string quartet

9, “The Golden Road” (Paul Elwood) for banjo, piano and pipa

10, “Duo Ye” (Chen Yi) for solo pipa

11, “The Pipa” (Hsu Po-Yun) for solo pipa

12, “The Points” (Chen Yi) for solo pipa

13, “Run” (Bun-Ching Lam) for solo pipa

14, “Mist on a Hill” (Mark Battier) for solo pipa

15, “I Gysin” (Mark Battier) for pipa, electronic sound and poem

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